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I love oil paint--the smell, the layers, the slow drying time. Oils let me hyper-focus on the details that forever fascinate me. For many years I showed my oil paintings at Sanctuary Gallery in Davidson, NC.


Regular acrylic house paint can be fun, too. I painted two large murals at Lake Forest Church using paint from Home Depot. For one of these murals I had to operate a Genie lift. But the shaky lift wasn't nearly as scary as another artistic endeavor: painting portraits of people's loved ones.  


Although I've taken some great painting classes, I didn't major in art. I majored in English at the College of William and Mary.

Which explains why, when I'm not painting, I'm writing. I've written three novels, one about an artist, over 100 newspaper articles, and some magazine articles about the art scene in Charlotte.


Sometimes I combine my love of pictures and words by freelancing in corporate communications. That can be fun, too, but then I miss the smell of mineral spirits.

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